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  1. Japanese Chemical Regulations
    a. Japan - Overview on Chemical Control Laws (English) PDF file 80 26,000
    b. Outline of Japanese Chemical Regulations (Japanese) (Abbreviated edition) PDF file 258 26,000
    c. Outline of Japanese Chemical Regulations (Japanese) (Full edition) PDF >330 35,000
  2. Translated English regulatory information
    Chemical Substance Control Law
    a Polymers      
      1) Judgment criteria based on the Polymer Flow Scheme - with flow diagram (English) PDF file 4 12,800
      2) Test methods and judgment criteria for PLC - with flow diagram (English) PDF file 7 12,800

Notice for the application procedure of PLC (English)

PDF file 24 26,800
  3. Instruction Manuals      
    CSCL and ISHL Inventories      
    a. Japan- Investigation of registration status on the CSCL and the ISHL inventories (English) Related page

PDF file


63 30,000
  4. SDS and Labels (Hazard communication)      
    GHS (JIS Z 7253, JIS Z 7250, JIS Z 7251)      

Points of concern on JIS Z 7253 and Differences between JIS Z 7253 and JIS Z 7250 or JIS Z 7251.

PDF file 28 open price
  5. ISHL Inventory (English list)      
    List of newly notified chemical substances under the ISHL. This includes CAS No. information where available.      
    * MHLW Notice No. 407 (Jun.27, 2012) to the latest Excel file - open price