Labeling is required under number of laws; there is no consistency among the requirements. Industry has to comply with all the individual regulations. This section lists required label elements and/or some specific terms that need to be described, by the law.


1) Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL)
a) Product name, chemical name
b) Signal word, pictograms
c) Hazard statement, precautionary statement for storing and handling
d) Company name, including telephone number


2) Poisonous and Deleterious Substance Control Law (PDSCL)
a) Mark for indicating poisonous substances and deleterious substances
b) Product name, chemical name and content percent
c) Company name and address
d) Detoxicant in case of organic phosphorous compounds


3) Fire Service Law (FSL)
a) FSL hazard classification
b) FSL package group
c) Chemical name and Volume
d) FSL precautionary statement


4) High Pressure Gas Control Law (HPGCL)
a) HPGCL precautionary statement
b) HPGCL statements differ by the type of aerosol product
c) Text size and color are designated


5) Household Product Quality Labeling Law (HPQLL)
a) This law accompanies catalogue for subject household products: fiber products, plastic products etc.
b) HPQLL mandatory label statements differ by the type of product: e.g. Information related to product quality such as ingredients, performance, storage condition etc.


6) Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL)
(Note: Subject to change when amended law implemented; new requirement is not published)
a) Label is mandatory for Class II Specified Chemical Substances
b) Chemical name, content percent and company name etc.
c) Precautionary statement to prevent environment pollution.