Fire Service Law



  1 Dangerous materials
    A) Classification
      1) Class 1 Oxidizing Solids
      2) Class 2 Flammable Solids
      3) Class 3 Spontaneously combustible Materials and Water-prohivitive materials
      4) Class 4 Flammable Liquids
        a. Special flammable Liquids
        b. Category 1 Petroleums
        c. Alcohols 
        d. Category 2 Petroleums
        e. Category 3 Petroleums
        f. Category 4 Petroleums
        g. Animal fats and vegetable oils
        Flow chart for the determination of Class 4 Flammable Liquids (Japanese/English)
        Flow chart for the determination of alcohols
      5) Class 5 Self-reactive Substances
      6) Class 6 Oxidizing liquids
    B) Designated quantities
    C) Package/Transport
  2. Designated flammable materials
  3. Materials required notification (Fire fighting activity Inhibitors)