Consulting Service

How to use consulting services of JCR-Link?


This page provide you with the information about JCR-Link consulting services. If you would like to use consulting services, please follow the next procedures. A client who is using Standard Type of consulting service is recognized as a member of JCR-Link. Thank you!


1. Procedure for using consultation service:

1) Please send a mail with following information to mshiba@jcr-link.com
2) If it is required, JCR-Link will send you a business agreement.

JCR-Link will send you the information of bank accounts for the remittance. All the consulting fees shall be paid before starting consultation service.

(Please pay for remittance charge etc. when required)


  Please send us following Information:
  a. Company name
  b. Address for your Web site
  c. Contact person
  d. Mail address of the contact person
  e. Company address with P.O. number
  f. Telephone/Facsimile numbers with country number (e.g. +1 for USA)
  g.. Type of consultation and contract period


2. Consulting types and fees:


1) Standard type:

   Handles daily consulting matters. Individual consulting matters are limited in size.

  Unit: JPY: Japanese en

Annual contract

Monthly contract

Single shot consultation 1)

720,000 120,000 12,800
  - 8% tax will be additionally charged for each fee.

1,500 JPY of bank commission for single receipt of your remittance and commission for exchange (1JPY/USD, 1.5JPY/EURO) will also be charged.


One main question and its accompanying small questions,if any, will be consulted.

No business agreement is required for the Single shot consultation.


2) Project type:


Regardless of the size of consulting matters, almost all consulting matters 1) will be handled.

This is the system in which fees described in the following table need to be paid in advance, and the paid fees can be used during the contract periods.

  Examples of consulting matters or requests:

Preparing summary of specific laws, judgment of applicability of regulations, proposal of solutions for an issue, etc.

  - Assistance in applications or notifications (preparation of application formats, coordination works among stakeholders such as test institute and authorities), etc.
  - For the new clients who have number of matters to be consulted in the beginning. etc.

Presiding explanatory meeting, training, etc in your business site..

  Unit: JPY: Japanese Yen

2 Years contract

1 Year contract

Half A Year contract 1)

2 Mil. 1 Mil. 600,000
  - 8% tax will be additionally charged for each fee.

1,500 JPY of bank commission for single receipt of your remittance and commission for exchange (1JPY/USD, 1.5JPY/EURO) will also be charged.


Fixed fee or hourly fee will be applied depending on the contents of consulting matter.

As an example of the fixed fee, there is a service for the preparation of application formats and notification formats for New or Small Volume New Chemical Substance under the Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL) and the Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL), etc.: hourly fee will be applied for the rest of consulting matters. Regarding which type of the fees will be applied will be informed to and approved by clients in advance.


Following discounts will be applied to JCR-Link's standard fees for individual consulting matters.

1) Two Years contract: 8%

2) One Year contract: 5%

3) Half A Year contract: 3%

  - Time report will be submitted before 10th of every month. The report will include the information about matter name, used time, total used fees, etc. of previous month.
  - -Remained fee will not be refunded even in the case all amount of the paid fees have not been used by the end of contract period.
  - When all amount of the paid fees have been used before the end of contract period, additional fee will be required for the consultations requested after the time. In this case, the above discount rates will be applied for the consultations requested before the end of contract period.
  - Actual expense such as transportation cost, lodging cost, and payments to test institute etc. are not included in the fees and should be paid separately.
  - Discounts for the other services will not be applied duplicately. e.g.: with the discount applied for the preparation of all application formats for the small volume exemptions under the CSCL and the ISHL.

Services not in the scope of JCR-Link business will not be handled. There will be a service for which JCR-Link cannot handle depending on the content of request. Preliminary communication will be required for the determination of handling for some requested matters.



3. Disclaimer:

In addition to the disclaimer expressed in the disclaimer section, following terms shall be applied for the Consultation Service Membership contracts.

The Consultation Service Contracts shall be terminated by either party in the event either party:

(a) terminate, wind up or suspend its operation or business,
(b) become subject to any bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings under relevant laws, or
(c) become insolvent or become subject to direct administration by a trustee, receiver or similar authority.

JCR-Link Co., Ltd shall make its best efforts to refund fees for the remaining contract period which does not include the month that the above events occurred. However, when the refund by JCR-Link Co., Ltd. is impossible, members shall waive all the rights for the refund.

Member shall be deemed to have agreed to this agreement at the time of submission of the entry information to JCR-Link Co., Ltd.