Membership for Information Service

How to become a member of JCR-Link?


Thank you for visiting our Web site and for your interests for becoming a member of our company.

Once you become a member, you can enter into pages prepared only for members.

JCR-Link makes its best efforts to provide accurate, reliable and most updated chemical regulatory information in these pages.

For those who are willing to become a member of JCR-Link, please follow the next procedure.

Again, thank you for your entry!


1. Entry procedure for membership:

1) Please send a mail with following information to info-mbr@jcr-link.com

We will send the information of bank accounts for the remittance.

(Please pay for remittance charge etc. when required, in addition to the membership fee.)


After we confirmed the transfer record, we will provide ID and password to each member.

(ID and Password can be changed later based on your request)


  Information required for entry:
  a. Company name
  b. Address of your Web site
  c. Contact person
  d. Mail address of the contact person
  e. Company address with P.O. number
  f. Telephone/Facsimile numbers with country number (e.g. +1 for USA)
  g. Contract period (e.g. Apr.2010 to Mar. 2011, In this case, if a new member finish member entry registration during March 2010, the member can access to our member pages during the same month for free.)


2. Membership fee:

198,000 JPY/Yr.
  (Unit: JPY: Japanese Yen/ 5% tax will added)  


3. Disclaimer:

In addition to the disclaimer expressed in the disclaimer section, following terms shall be applied for the Information Service Membership contracts.

The Information Service Contracts shall be terminated by either party in the event either party:

(a) terminate, wind up or suspend its operation or business,
(b) become subject to any bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings under relevant laws, or
(c) become insolvent or become subject to direct administration by a trustee, receiver or similar authority.

JCR-Link Co., Ltd shall make its best efforts to refund fees for the remaining contract period which does not include the month that the above events occurred. However, when the refund by JCR-Link Co., Ltd. is impossible, members shall waive all the rights for the refund.

Member shall be deemed to have agreed to this agreement at the time of submission of the entry information to JCR-Link Co., Ltd.