The Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL)



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Banned chemicals Banned Chemical Substances
Restricted chemicals Permission required for manufacturing (= Specified Chemical Substances: Category I)
New chemicals Types of Pre-Manufacturing Notifications
1. Low Molecular Weight Chemical Substances (None Polymers)
2. Polymers
Exemptions from notification (Prior Approval required)
1. Small Volume Chemical Substances
2. Polymer of Low Concern
Exemptions from notification (Prior Approval NOT required)
1. R&D chemicals
2. Salts, Hydrates etc.
3. Articles
4. Impurities/By products
5. Others
Inventory 1.

The inventory is consisting of the Static part and Dynamic part

New chemicals may be added to the Dynamic part

  2. No confidentiality
  3. Common registry number with substances in CSCL inventory
Exclusions None applicable chemicals under the Industrial Safety and Health Law
  1. Radio active materials (under the relevant law)
MSDS MSDS requirements
  1. Exemptions
  2. MSDS format
  3. JIS Z 7250, JCIA Guideline
  4. Language
Label Labeling requirements
  1 Exemptions
  2. Label elements
  3. JIS Z 7251, JCIA Guideline
Specified Chemical Substances 1. Category I Substances
  2. Category II Substances
  3. Category III Substances
Organic Chemical Substances 1. Type I Organic Solvents
  2. Type II Organic Solvents
  3. Type III Organic Solvents
Lead, Lead alloy, Lead compounds and Tetra alkyl leads    
Dangerous materials 1. Explosive materials
  2. Pyrophoric materials
  3. Oxidizing materials
  4. Flammable materials
  5. Flammable gases