Contract Investigation Service on Chemical Management Practices


Because of the increased concern on chemical substances, we have been experiencing striking reinforcement of chemical regulations in recent years. With such situations in mind, business entities handling chemical products must send regulatory compliant products into the market.

To make it possible, we are required to understand such drastically chaining regulations and keep chemical management level to the extend chemical regulations require.


However, as Japan has many and complex chemical laws and regulations, we think not a small number of chemical business entities have concern on keeping good regulatory compliance status.


Therefore, to help the people in such companies, JCR-Link launched a new Contract Investigation Service on chemical business entities' Chemical Management Practices which relate to domestic major regulations. Under this service, we investigate the actual situations of chemical management practices in a business entity from various angles, conduct gap analysis between the regulatory required level and actual level of practices, and provide you with suggestions for the improvement that fit to your company.


In Japan, we have services such as explanatory meetings and consulting services for individual or extremely limited laws, but we did not have services like this that investigates compliance status against all main chemical regulations from comprehensive view points and assist in your company for the compliance. We will investigate and report your company's actual chemical management situations based on the experiences of more than 16 years of conducting regulatory investigation on many kinds of manufactured/imported products over domestic regulations, and on the experiences of leading the role of chemical management practices in a company, and from the administrative point of view.


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Investigation/Evaluation method:

Based on our unique methodology, we evaluate 7 terms of actual situations of chemical substance management practices and propose improvement suggestions for each of them. In the actual investigation, we use relevant 13 terms to make analysis more from multiple view points, and carry out the investigation one by one.

JCR-Link looks on keys of chemical management practices as 5 key terms such as the understandings of chemical regulations, composition information management status of materials etc., and further by adding two terms: hazard communication and notification to governments, we consider the 7 terms, in total, as important chemical management practices required for a chemical business entity. Therefore, to evaluate these 7 important terms from various angles and to see whether the related actual situations are clearing acceptable levels, we use more classified 13 terms of practices for the investigation.

(Example of 13 terms: Understandings of regulations, composition information management, notification to governments, MSDS, Label, GHS, Classification of dangerous materials, Export control, Compliance status on foreign country's regulations, Education, Introduction status of chemical substance management infrastructures etc.)


Fundamental principles of this service

Objective of this service is not an audit nor an investigation of breaches of laws. It aims to improve current problems by understanding current situations, extracting problems and proposing methodologies for the improvement. The evaluation will be carried out from neutral and objective perspectives. By this service, JCR-Link desires to help business entities avoid administrative risks caused by potential breaches of laws and improve their chemical management skills, and our ultimate objective is to bottom up the level of entire chemical management situation in Japan.


Investigating term

We require substantively 5 days for the investigation. It will be proceeded with interviewing a person who is in charge of chemical regulatory compliance. It will take about one month by using from half a day to two days every week for the interview. We inform the interview contents in advance for the person to prepare materials that relate to each investigation term. In addition, when it is desired, we will conduct on site investigation for a fee.


Report of the results and required term

The report will be mailed out about a month later in hard copy after finishing the investigation. It consists of a four to five page summary and the results of 13 investigation terms. In total, the report will have about 100 pages. The language is in Japanese. When a client desires, English translation will be made for the summary for a fee.


Scope of laws and regulations

The number of subjective laws will be up to 30 depending on the materials. The scope will cover all major domestic chemical laws for general chemical products. We will mainly focus on the regulations related to product responsibility issue of these laws.

Please refer to this page for subjective laws.


Laws and regulations out of scope

Laws related to specific chemical products such as pharmaceutical Law, Agricultural agent law, etc. Regulations related to facilities and equipment of the laws such as Fire service law, the Industrial Safety and Health law, Explosive Control Law, etc. Laws related to recycling.



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This service does not guarantee a client perfect law compliance after the provision of the service. Its ultimate goal is the improvement of current situations. In addition, if a client has already excellent skills in chemical management practices, the client might not satisfy the results of this service. JCR-Link would appreciate if a client could use this service with the aims of understanding current situations and improving unsatisfactory points of current practices.